About Our Nannies

Caring Hands Services provides highly qualified Nannies who are stable, trustworthy and have a responsible personality.
Our Nannies have a flexible approach and the ability to show love and affection to the children in their care. ​​​​Caring Hand Nannies are responsible for your child's safety, development and well-being when you are or not at home and will care for them as required.

A Caring Hands Nanny will have:

Relevant qualification or at least 2 years’ experience
Current valid DBS check
Valid working visa, where applicable
At least 2 valid references (not own family)
First Aid course qualification

Permanent Nannies:

Nanny live out/Daily Nannies

Daily nanny positions can either be sole charge where both parents are working, or shared charge, where the nanny works alongside the parent. Daily nannies are expected to undertake all nursery duties relating to the children only. This means providing care such as bathing, dressing and preparing nutritious meals.

Your live out nanny will be expected to wash, iron and organise the children’s clothes and belongings. She will ensure that toys are clean and safe, organised and tidied away at the end of the day and the play area kept clean and tidy. A daily nanny will also ensure the children are active and social; for example, she will organise play dates, attend baby classes, outings to the parking, library etc.

A Nanny will use her knowledge and skills to further the children’s development through play. She will provide activities such as creative arts and crafts, constructive play, singing, reading and other various learning opportunities. A nanny is not expected to any heavy housework, family cooking or any other chores not related to the children. The daily nannies are charged from £400+ per week net salary, this amount is dependent on the level of experience, age and duties involved.
Agency fees 4 x times Nanny net weekly salary.

Living in Nannies

A live-in Nanny is a childcare provider who lives in your home. The individual provides care for your child/children during an agreed set of hours per week.

In return you provide a place to live and salary for the Nanny. This salary is typically less than live-out Nanny, because the parents are also paying for the Nanny room and board. The parents in this scenario have the added advantage of having a baby sitter on hand for evenings out, as long as the Nanny agrees to be available for evenings.

Live-in Nannies are charged from £300+ per week net salary, dependant on their level of experience, age and duties involved.
Agency fees 4 x times Nanny net weekly salary, for finding the right Nanny.

Temporary Nannies and fees

All Temporary Nanny Placement: £75 (for each Week booked or any part of Week thereof a Week calculated from Monday to Sunday)

Weekend Nannies and fees
Weekend Nanny usually starts from Friday 6pm till Sunday 6pm

Agency fees 2 x Nanny weekend salary for temporary placement (up to 3 months)

Agency fees 3 x Nanny weekend salary for permanent placement (over 3 months)
Emergency Nannies and fees
Emergency or Casual Nanny (a Nanny who will take care of your children in your home at short notice on a casual basis).

The Emergency Nanny are charged from £15 per Hour.

Agency fees £15 one off payment.
Before/After School Nannies and fees
Before / After School Nanny (a nanny dedicated to taking care of your children from 7am - 10am bringing them to school and picking up the children after school from 2pm - 7pm and bringing them to your own home).

Agency fees 3 x times Nanny weekly net salary.

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