Readiness for Big School: Pre Prep School and
Primary School

Starting school is a huge transition, therefore at Caring Hands Nursery, we will do all we can to facilitate a smooth move for the children and parents. Many of the children will move onto schools where their siblings may attend or where the children have had their assessments. We have a variety of methods that support this:

• We aim for the children to be as independent as possible going into Reception class.
• We use the Early Years Foundation Stage to monitor the stages of Transition children.
• All the children are to be toilet trained where their individual needs dictate.
• We encourage politeness and
instill manners into the children.
• We encourage resilience and for the children to problem solve.
• We encourage respect and for the children to listen to each other’s opinions and views.
• We teach the children to raise their hand.
• We implement circle time and British Values
• We teach the children to shake hands and greet peers and adults.
• We teach the children to work collaboratively and independently.
• Transition usually has a topic about readiness and going to Reception class (‘Big School’) which is implemented in the SummerTerm and the children will be asked to contribute items related to their future school e.g uniform, brochure
and pictures.
• Caring Hands will provide a variety of resources that relate to Reception class in their future school e.g. role play area set up as a classroom, books, photographs of all the schools the children may attend. This will help the children to become familiar with
Reception class and will aid the transition and readiness.
• The Teachers (Key Persons) will initiate conversations with their key children, who are in the Transition year and discuss what they think may be different and what will be the same and all the fun activities they will do within Reception class.
The Teachers will talk through any concerns the child may have and initiate activities and group discussions relating to any issues enabling these to be overcome.
The Teachers will read stories about Reception class and big school.
• Older siblings often will be invited to talk about going to
big school and what to expect!
• We are building up a strong relationship with many of the local schools.
• On
occasions, school representatives come to Caring Hands and see their future students in action.
• Nursery Manager will have meetings with parents about their child and future schools.
• A few of the schools request reports prior to the child going for the assessments.
• We hold Transition Parents Evenings in October every year to enable parents to ask any questions to the teachers about their child prior to many of the Pre Prep assessments.
• Caring Hands often sends all the children’s learning documents to their future school or they are given to their parents. This gives the child’s future Reception class teacher a good understanding of the child. This includes each area of the Early Years Foundation Stage, the child’s level of their learning and development in all areas.
• We complete EYFS reports which are often sent to the child’s future school to ensure the Reception class teacher is aware of the child’s capabilities and to ensure a smooth transition into school.

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