Toddler Room

At this stage, your child will be growing in independence. As they start choosing to do things for themselves, we are there to guide them to provide support and reassurance.

Being a toddler is both exciting and a little daunting. We are there to nurture your toddler’s desire to explore and investigate.
Your child is further exploring their powers to communicate, to move purposefully, to assert independence and control important bodily functions. It is a powerful time full of emotions, struggles, delights, and achievements and we are there to help them navigate this stage of their Learning Journey with us.

We provide an abundance of enjoyable activities and experiences to encounter for the first time, then to explore again and again, as new skills and new words are mastered and refined. Our trained Early Years staff understand the world of toddlers and provide supportive nurturing guidance that balances the need to be independent with the need for reassurance from caring adults. Your child’s vocabulary will be rapidly increasing as they seek answers and continue to discover and make sense of the world around them.
They will continue to need physical challenges as they gain greater control and awareness of their bodies.

We support them at this important stage by creating strong social environments where they can make positive relationships with children and adults, to support their communication and language.

We also provide opportunities where children can explore cause and effect by looking at how and why things happen and our trained staff assist them in making healthy choices by encouraging greater independence at meal times and with self-care routines.

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